Powering digital transformation and accelerating innovation with our cross-industry technology and digital engineering consulting, talent services and skilling.

Akkodis delivers cross-industry expertise in technology and digital engineering consulting, talent services and skilling to enable digital transformation and accelerate innovation. Our vision is to enable a smart and sustainable future. We specialise in Cognitive Technologies, Digital Transformation, Cloud & Infrastructure, Smart Ecosystem and Industry 4.0 across the key sectors Automotive & Transportation, Environmental & Energy, Software, Internet & Communication, Financial Services and Industrial Manufacturing.


Akkodis’ Consulting services are resourced with highly skilled professionals who are adept at supporting the design, delivery, and operation of innovative solutions. Here, Akkodis delivers Consultancy services, Project services, Managed services, and Smart Industry transformation services. Leveraging deep sector know-how and tech expertise, Akkodis’ consultants complement an organisation’s existing capabilities, bringing additional scale, capacity, and speed, where needed. Akkodis’ consultants support the entire project management process from ideation and design to validation and implementation.


With its global network of more than five million pre-qualified candidates, Akkodis rapidly connects organisations with the right IT and engineering talent, at the right time and place. Akkodis enables clients to reduce hiring timelines and costs of tech talent acquisition. Furthermore, Akkodis provides Recruitment Process Outsourcing services for tech specialists around the globe, which enable human resource utilisation to be maximised. Through a broad spectrum of managed services, clients can benefit from global coverage in niche IT and engineering markets.


Through its global Academy network, Akkodis is enabling clients to close the tech and digital skills gap through customised upskilling and reskilling programmes. Today, Akkodis has established ten Academies across Europe, North America, and Asia Pacific. Each year, the network helps thousands of people to develop and grow their digital and engineering skills and future-proof their careers. Simultaneously, Academies are enabling organisations to adapt, transform, and equip their workforce with the skills needed to overcome the complexity brought about by a constantly changing digital landscape.


Akkodis contributes a broad range of value-added solutions to address tech and engineering needs in the defined key strategic industries. The Akkodis’ Solutions portfolio is comprised of Project services, Managed services, and Akkodis Intellectual Property/Templates solutions. Supporting both local needs and global scalability, we can adapt the right delivery modes according to client needs: in country, near-shore, and off-shore. Akkodis continuously invests in its Research & Innovation labs, building competencies for next-generation advancements in technology. 

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