The Adecco Group has a broad investor base made up of approximately 18,000 shareholders. We are committed to transparency and open dialogue.

We focus on being transparent and consistent at all times, and always aim to have open dialogue with the financial community and our shareholders. We want everyone to understand our business, as well as the risks, challenges and opportunities we face in trying to make the future of work a reality today.
It is important we provide regular updates on every part of our business strategy and performance, as well as up-to-date information to every interested shareholder. This is essential if our share price is going to accurately reflect the inherent value of our company.

Our investor relations activities

We formally communicate our financial performance as part of our comprehensive quarterly results. Through meetings between our management and Investor Relations team at our regular roadshows and conferences we conduct open dialogue. Our website is also an important way of communicating clearly with all of our stakeholders.

Every year, we devote 26 days to market communication, usually following our quarterly results releases, and meet with hundreds of our investors.