Our strategy is aligned to the key trends shaping the world of work. We are leading the way in enabling organisations adapt to a changing world of work, and ensuring the future employability of people.

Every year, our 30,000 colleagues worldwide enable millions of people to succeed in the world of work, and support more than 100,000 organisations with their human capital needs. We upskill and reskill more than half a million people annually, enhancing employability and accelerating careers. We build and incubate capabilities in areas where persistent skills shortages exist and connect that talent to organisations to power their success.

As a leader in the world of work, we have taken a leadership role in advancing the HR sector. From ensuring responsible and ethical business practices, to advocating for a new social contract that protects all workers, and all forms of work – permanent, temporary or freelance. These are just a few of the ways we are proud to be leading the industry forward.
The Adecco Group works in the areas of workforce solutions, talent solutions and technology solutions, and operates three Business Units: Adecco, Talent Solutions, Modis.


Building on the achievements of our previous cycle, our new strategic vision aims to enable sustainable and lifelong employability for individuals and empower organisations to optimise their workforce. This will create opportunities to improve our growth and margin, and to further embed digital at the core of our business.


Our purpose of making the future work for everyone translates into a bold strategic vision of enabling sustainable and lifelong employability for individuals and empowering organisations to optimise their workforces and is brought to life through our Future@Work strategy:

  • Shifting from a country-centric to a globally brand-driven approach

  • Distinct strategies for our three Global Business Units

  • Three transformation enablers: Customer Experience, Differentiation, Digital


Our workforce solutions offering is unparalleled in its global scale, local knowledge, consistent quality and innovative use of digital tools. We place 600,000 associates into roles daily, enabling flexibility and agility for our clients. As a career partner, we support the employability of our associates and are committed to their success. We stand out in our commitment to operating responsibly, our belief in the potential of people, and always being there when needed.


We help organisations and individuals succeed in the evolving world of work by transforming workforces, building new skills and capabilities and matching talent with opportunity. As both an advisory firm and solutionsdelivery partner, we support organisations across the HR spectrum, and individuals across their career journey. We specialise in building employability, and optimising talent and human capital, through our three specialist areas of Reskilling & Upskilling, Workforce Transformation, and Talent Placement.


We deliver cross-industry expertise in technology and digital- engineering consulting, talent services and skilling to enable digital transformation and accelerate innovation. We specialise in bringing expertise to organisations in cognitive technologies, digital transformation, cloud and IT infrastructure, smart ecosystems and the so-called fourth industrial revolution (or Industry 4.0) which is being brought about by the ongoing automation of traditional manufacturing and industrial practices, using modern smart technology. Our key focus sectors are: automotive & transportation; environmental & energy; software, internet & communication; financial services; and industrial manufacturing.